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Advanced technology brings about the emergence of the modern way of taking dental impressions through the use of the iTero digital scanner. This powerful tool is designed for orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry purposes. The device is handy and lightweight. Plus, it accurately scans the patient’s mouth in a detailed 3D effect.


Dental Appointment


For those who would like to invest in Invisalign for teeth straightening, you don’t have to worry about those gooey, gag-causing impressions because we at Beverly Hills Braces adopted the contemporary approach of getting the patients’ dental impressions with the help of iTero digital scanner! The system allows you to acquire the custom-made aligners faster as our dentist will simply have to scan your mouth in about 10-15 minutes. Moreover, the device can also determine how the teeth will move and give a detailed presentation of the end result. Patients will already have an idea of how their smile would look like after the whole orthodontic treatment.

Did you know that the scanner can snap up to 6,000 frames each second? The dental professional will only have to move the wand-like device inside the mouth of the patients, covering the entire teeth and gums. It can capture numerous images without needing to click a specific button.


iTero Digital Scanner vs. Traditional Dental Impressions

Before, taking the patients’ impressions means that they need to bite on a tray loaded with a putty called polyvinyl siloxane. The dentist will allow the impressions to dry before sending it to the laboratory where the orthodontic appliance is made. However, this method is inaccurate and quite messy.

The iTero digital scanner, on the other hand, offers an error-free scanning. The system is compatible with other orthodontic solutions like Invisalign and engineered to work with the latest software utilized by dental professionals. It eliminates discomforts associated with biting on a gross putty for several minutes. Indeed, the iTero digital scanner is beneficial for both dental professionals and patients.


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