At Beverly Hills Braces, we work with a number of in-network insurance providers, including: Delta Dental & BlueCross & BlueShield. If there is another insurance you have benefits with that provides orthodontic services, please let us know and we will be happy to work with them to get as much coverage as we can for your treatment. Please contact our dentist, Dr. Sid Molayem at 310-278-9101 if you have any questions about insurance partners in Beverly Hills, California that are not covered below in our FAQ section.

What type of insurance covers Orthodontics?

Every PPO insurance carrier has the ability to provide Orthodontics as a covered benefit. However, it is up the employer or yourself (if independent) to opt-in for this benefit when signing up.

What do I need to know if I’m signing up for a new insurance plan?

Make sure there are:

  • No age restrictions
  • No waiting period
  • No medical necessity requirement
  • And check the max benefit (usually between $750 to $2000 per lifetime)

What’s the best insurance carrier for Orthodontics?

There’s no “best insurance carrier” Every insurance carrier has a variety of plans and it’s those plans that define how good of coverage you have.

If my plan includes Orthodontics coverage, how much do they cover?

Every plan is different but it’s usually around 50% of the total treatment plan with a max benefit of $750 – $2000 per lifetime. Therefore most patients end up coming out of pocket for the other portion.

Does it make sense to switch my insurance plan so that I get Ortho coverage?

In our experience, the answer is most often no. The cost of your new plan doesn’t outweigh the benefit it offers.

What type of insurance does Beverly Hills Braces accept?

Any PPO insurance as long as it has Orthodontic benefits. We don’t accept HMO insurance.

What if I have 2 insurance plans. Can I use both?

Yes, but combined they’ll still usually only cover up to 50% of your treatment plan and no more.

Can I cancel my insurance plan after treatment has started?

Your insurance must stay active throughout your treatment since they reimburse the practice in 3 to 6 month intervals.