An eruption guidance process is typically begun when a child is around six years of age. It is valuable to start this treatment before your child’s permanent teeth have erupted, otherwise it may be too late to effectively guide their oral arrangement. Guided eruption in Beverly Hills and Encino, California can prevent costly or painful orthodontic work in the future as well as improve your child’s dental health.

For some children, permanent teeth may be coming in crowded or misaligned. If this is the case, they may be a good candidate for guided eruption orthodontic work. With careful planning and attentive care, Dr. Sid Molayem will guide the problematic teeth to create a beautiful and balanced smile. The guidance process will vary depending on the method that our dentist sees fit for your child. This may include wearing a special appliance at night.

We encourage you to visit Beverly Hills Braces for a guided eruption consultation to learn more about how this process can improve your child’s smile. We look forward to being your orthodontic provider every step of the way. If you wuld like to plan your child’s visit, call 310-278-9101 today!