There are certain comforts or habits that many children cling to as they grow up. These can include thumb-sucking and tongue thrusting. We provide habit breakers in Beverly Hills and Encino. California as a way to avoid any extensive damage to children’s oral structure. Dr. Sid Molayem will perform a thorough examination during a consultation to determine if your child’s habit is starting to cause problems.

Thumb or finger sucking can potentially be harmful to children’s oral health and can even change the growth patterns of their teeth and jaw. Children’s jaws are rich in blood supply and grow rapidly which makes them relatively soft and flexible, especially with children under the age of eight. The constant pressure from a thumb or finger can then deform the soft bone around the upper and lower front teeth.

Like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting is a common behavioral pattern in young children. If the pattern doesn’t change by the age of six, however, it can lead to problems like those caused by thumb sucking, including tooth alignment and skeletal development issues. Both habits can be addressed with a habit appliance, such as a fixed palatal crib. Beverly Hills Braces is happy to provide habit breakers, just call 310-278-9101 to set up a consultation today.