Preventive Care in Beverly Hills

Preventive Care in Beverly Hills

Sometimes our orthodontist may recommend that your child begins orthodontic treatment before all of their permanent teeth have come in. If we notice a pattern forming that will cause the permanent teeth or the bite to have problems in the future, we may recommend doing a two-phase treatment. The first phase focuses on guiding the teeth into a healthier and more aesthetic position, and the second phase makes sure that everything is straight and aligned.

If you notice that your child is developing an underbite or overbite, that their teeth are coming in crooked, or some other tooth-positioning problem, it is a good idea to bring them in for an early consultation. At Beverly Hills Braces, Dr. Sid Molayem recommends that all kids to come in for a preliminary consultation when they are 7 years old to address and intercept any problems that may be developing while the bone is still soft and moveable.

As we get older, our bone calcifies, and the teeth do not move as easily. If we let these problems progress past a certain point in life, sometimes the only option left to correct major orthodontic issues that are neglected in adolescence might be surgery.

Here are some other things to look out for that can help you know whether your child may need early orthodontic treatment.

  • Does your child breathe through their mouth often or while they sleep?
  • Does your child have a finger- or thumb-sucking habit?
  • Do your child’s upper and lower teeth cross each other?
  • Does your child’s bite close improperly or not close completely?

If any of these are of concern to you, please reach out to us to set up a free consultation about your child’s early orthodontic treatment in Beverly Hills and Encino, California. Prepare your child for a lifetime of great smiles! Set up your consultation by calling us today at (310) 278-9101.

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