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Many patients are eager to have a white and gleaming smile to reduce staining, discoloration or dull teeth. In fact, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services and we are pleased to offer this treatment for our patients who have finished their orthodontic treatment. We can help you maintain the result so your teeth whitening treatment by offering a review of what to look out for with the food and drink you consume.

While the results from teeth whitening are meant to last for months to years, your teeth can be affected if they are exposed to staining agents. There are certain foods and drinks that Dr. Sid Molayem and our team have flagged that can make teeth dull or discolored.

If an item can cause stains to a cloth, it can also reduce the look of your teeth. Food such as hard candies, blueberries and cherries may result in tooth discoloration, and it’s important to brush your teeth after a waiting period of thirty minutes if you snack on these items.

Similarly, you could develop tooth stains from beverages like tea, coffee, red wine and cola and citrus drinks. By drinking these beverages with a straw, you can help prevent tooth stains. We also recommend that you drink lots of water to rinse your teeth of these staining particles.

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