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You’ve had your teeth for quite some time now. This probably makes you think you know all there is to know about teeth, right? Well, teeth can actually be quite mysterious, and you might not know everything about them. So, Dr. Molayem and our dental team are happy to tell you about some uncommon facts about teeth.

First, your toothbrush and floss are handy tools you need to properly clean your smile, especially when you have any kind of braces or orthodontic treatment. However, your teeth’s first line of defense is saliva. Saliva protects your teeth all day every day because it constantly washes away bacteria, acid, and other harmful particles from your teeth and gums. This is why having a dry mouth can be so dangerous. Your smile needs to be guarded by saliva regularly.

Second, snacking and sipping throughout the day can severely harm your teeth or orthodontic equipment. This is because constantly exposing your chompers to acid, sugar, and bacteria can give these substances multiple chances to attack and harm the smile. Sticky or hard foods can cause damage to your braces as well. It’s best to avoid snacking and sipping throughout the day as much as possible.

Third, your teeth and oral health are linked with your entire health. This means dental issues can affect your entire body. There have been many studies that have proved this to be the case. One major situation is when you have gum disease. This disease can affect more than just your mouth. In fact, it can be linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and preterm birth.

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