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Your orthodontist, Dr. Sid Molayem, offers many orthodontic treatments at Beverly Hills Braces to help each patient achieve the top-notch smile they deserve. One of those treatments is the use of orthodontic aligners, which are mouthguard-like appliances that are made of plastic. They can do many things for you, your smile, and your oral health. They can do things like:

-Align your teeth

-Boost your oral health (Tooth misalignments create areas in the smile that harbor dangerous substances, like plaque.)

-Make oral hygiene easier (It’s much easier to keep your smile clean when you don’t have hard-to-clean areas.)

-Straighten your smile without being noticeable

-Give you a smile you love and a smile you’re proud of

-Treat minor alignment issues (Because aligners aren’t invasive, they aren’t used for major alignment problems.)

-Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem

-Allow you to align your teeth with comfort (This is because the aligners are thin and smooth. They reduce your chances of having mouth sores and discomfort during treatment.)

For more information about orthodontic aligners in Beverly Hills, California, or to schedule an appointment to see if aligners are the right treatment for you, please contact Beverly Hills Braces today. Our orthodontic team will be more than happy to help you if you just call 310-278-9101 now!