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Invisalign is one of the most sought-after solutions for teeth imperfections. It became a desirable approach since it straightens the teeth effectively without the hassles that are usually associated with the traditional method. For instance, patients need not worry about unsightly metal brackets and wires. Invisalign uses a transparent thermoplastic material that is fashioned based on the impressions taken from each patient.

Patients should know that Invisalign trays can move the teeth effectively since the material used is highly flexible to deliver a constant yet controlled pressure to the teeth. Due to this, both adults and teens can now have their teeth straightened without worrying about their appearance and the outcome of their treatment.

At Beverly Hills Braces, we understand that many people would like to undergo an orthodontic treatment using Invisalign since it offers outstanding experience and benefits. So for everyone who is planning on getting the clear aligner for themselves, here is a list of facts worth knowing about Invisalign!




Invisalign Facts

This list will help patients know the things to expect with the procedure and what they should do to get amazing effects.


For Invisalign to work, it needs the full compliance of the patient. They should strictly follow the schedule of wear and replacement of new trays. It is best to keep the aligner on for 20 to 22 hours a day to avoid any delay in the results. Since clear aligners do not need to be adjusted, set of trays are provided beforehand, and patients should make sure to follow the correct sequence and schedule. Doing so assures the best outcome without unnecessary discomfort.

Maintain good hygiene

Like with any other orthodontic treatment, patients should avoid the occurrence of any oral complication that may jeopardize the results. To make this possible, they should keep both their teeth and the appliance clean. Fortunately, this comes easy with Invisalign since trays can be easily removed.

Weight loss is possible

Invisalign wearers may find snacking bothersome since they would need to take off the aligners. Also, before popping them back in, they would need to brush both the appliance and their teeth. Due to this, patients may find themselves losing weight in the long run.


Thermoplastic materials are durable enough to move the teeth in their proper positions but not too durable to withstand chewing pressures. Patients are advised to remove their aligners when eating to avoid damaging the appliance.

Quick tips:

  • Do not use toothpaste, choose a gentle soap instead.
  • Never rinse the aligners with hot water. It can cause the material to warp beyond wear
  • Thermoplastic is not resistant to stains, make sure to remove Invisalign trays when drinking coffee, tea, wine, and other strong-colored beverages.
  • See the dentist as advised. It is for them to keep track of the treatment progress and also to provide additional trays when necessary.


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