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Retainers have always been a requirement after orthodontic treatment. It is to ensure that the teeth will stay in its proper position after removing the braces or aligners. The purpose of retainers is to assist in the stabilization of the bone and soft tissues surrounding the teeth to prevent a relapse from occurring. A relapse is highly possible to occur in the first month after the dental appliance is removed.

At Beverly Hills Braces we only offer cutting-edge dental services including orthodontic care for our patients. To help with the maintenance of our patient’s teeth after orthodontic treatments, we provide traditional and clear retainers to prevent any relapse.




Tips for the Proper Care of Retainers

  • Clean the retainers regularly with a toothbrush and lukewarm water. Avoid using toothpaste since it can be abrasive for the retainer; it can result in scratches which makes it harder to be kept clean.
  • Wear them as the dentist has recommended to prevent any problems with the alignment of the teeth. Retainers only work if they are worn and cared for properly.
  • Keep the retainers sanitized by soaking it in a retainer solution. Since it is frequently worn, it should be kept clean all the times to prevent it from causing any problem.
  • Make sure to wear the retainers properly by using the fingers in securing it in place. Do not casually flip it with the tongue or teeth to prevent it from being damaged.
  • Remove the retainers during eating. It does not only keep the dental appliance clean, but it also lets patients enjoy the foods without too many restrictions.
  • Keep it away from any kinds of heat whether for cleaning or storing. The materials used can be damaged or deformed once exposed to heat.
  • Make sure to use a retainer case to keep it safe and clean whenever it is not worn.
  • Ask the Orthodontist before soaking the retainer in a solution to prevent it from being damaged.
  • Remove the retainer when playing contact sports and wear mouthguards. It protects both the teeth and dental appliance from damage.
  • Observe any changes with the fitting, form, and color of the retainers. Consult our dentist at Beverly Hills Braces to be assisted on the best course of action to be performed.

Maintain the proper occlusion of the teeth after braces and aligners by wearing retainers to prevent any relapse. To ensure the teeth’s proper alignment follow the instructions provided by the orthodontist for straighter and healthier teeth.


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