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Hey Beverly Hills mommies! It’s the time of the month for your kid’s orthodontist appointment again. Does the idea of your child enduring the slight pain of the newly tightened archwire scare you already?

It is better to understand that their time for braces requires a lot of adjustments – with the wires and lifestyle as well. However, we at Beverly Hills Braces: Sid Molayem, DDS worked hard in giving your child a maximum comfort for their Traditional Braces treatment. Aside from performing the best procedure, we also would like to provide some tips on how to make their orthodontic experience more pleasing as possible.

  • Before leaving our dental office at Beverly Hills Braces: Sid Molayem, DDS, make sure to check the end wires of your braces to prevent hurting the inside part of your cheeks.
  • Ask the dentist for some dental wax as it may be helpful in fighting mouth sores brought by the rubbing brackets.
  • Create a saltwater solution and swish your mouth with it when experiencing any irritations. Do this 5-6 times daily for 30 seconds. The mixture is effective in relieving pain and soothing the soreness.
  • To keep your braces clean, do your proper oral hygiene on a regular basis. You can choose either the regular toothbrush or the interdental ones to get rid of the foods stuck on the metal wires.
  • Be extra careful with the foods that you include in your diet.


Girl with braces


What to Eat?

While discomfort is a normal experience for every braces wearer, you can do something to ease their suffering. What you need are a piece of paper and a pen and copy these cooking ideas for your braced-face kiddo!

List of Foods to Avoid

As much as possible, avoid these foods in your menu to prevent potential damage to the dental device.

  • Ice, pretzels, and nuts
  • Taco shells, hard cookies, and thin crust pizza
  • Gum, sticky candies, popcorn

Meal Ideas

The good news is, your kids can still enjoy a lot of tasty and healthy foods! Here is a list of foods to try for the meal.


  • Oatmeal, pancake, yogurt
  • Eggs, french toast, waffles
  • Bananas, smoothies, muffins


  • Pudding, sandwiches, smooth potato salad
  • Jello, saltine crackers, salad
  • Soft cheeses, egg salad, sliced chicken nuggets


  • Soft-cooked rice, meatballs, mashed potatoes
  • Beans, quinoa, crab cakes
  • Cornbread, crab cakes, soft pasta

Before heading to the grocery store, make sure to make a checklist of the things that you need to purchase to get the task done smoothly. Some menus like pasta require additional cooking time for it to soften completely.

Remember, preparing soft foods for your child is only one way of caring for their braces. It is still important to encourage them to perform proper oral hygiene and consider their orthodontist’s recommendations for an excellent result.


The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for Traditional Braces services in Beverly Hills, CA, contact us at Beverly Hills Braces: Sid Molayem, DDS and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.