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The braces installed in your child’s mouth at Dr. Molayem’s orthodontic clinic are intended to gradually correct the position and orientation of their teeth. Maintaining the hardware components and the overall health of their mouth is very important to the realignment process.

This calls for a consistent daily oral hygiene routine and avoiding things like chewing gum or eating sticky and hard foods. Cavities and damage to braces hardware can significantly increase the amount of time it takes to achieve the ideal alignment of their teeth.

If your son or daughter also participates in athletics you might want to consider providing them with a custom mouth guard. Many of the stock mouthguards and boil and bite mouth pieces sold in stores don’t account for the presence of braces hardware.

Even if they can accommodate your child’s mouth, chances are they will feel uncomfortable, or hamper their breathing. This could potentially discourage frequent use, thus placing their mouth and braces at increased risk.

The custom mouth guard available through Dr. Molayem will conform to the natural shape of their teeth and braces. It allows the unit to seat comfortably in the mouth, while also maximizing the passage of air. This encourages regular use at the necessary times.

If you are the parent of a youth athlete with braces in the Beverly Hills, CA, area and you are interested in providing them with a custom mouth guard, you should call 310-278-9101 to schedule an appointment at Beverly Hills Braces today.